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Introducing: Egg-Freezing

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you need it!

Before: Just getting started? How to work through the anxiety coming up of everything it took to get to the point of calling the clinic.

During: Need SUPPORT while going through the process the first time....

After: F*ck those injections and how they made you feel the first time, but you know you could really benefit from doing it again?

Learn everything you need to make your journey as clear, easy and resilient as possible. Through the use of different healing and coaching techniques such as NLP, EFT, RRT and others I take the best of those modalities and customize them for you so that you can...

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  • Get Support Right When You Need It: We will explore and promote skills such as self-reflection, confidence, and communication in our time together using neurolinguistic programming techniques.
  • Help Tune Your Thrive Mindset. Roadblocks a.k.a. blockages? We will used Rapid Resolution techniques developed by Dr. Jon Connelly to overcome the ongoing effects associated with past traumatic experiences using guided imagery, hypnosis, stories and other types of communication to resolve troubling thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
  • We use Emotional Freedom Techniques together (and you will use EFT tapping alone): EFT tapping is a method some people use to help manage emotions and troubling thoughts. They may also use it to lower their stress and anxiety. For example, EFT may help calm you if you're feeling angry. Or it may help ease your thoughts if you're worried about something!
  • Get an Insider Strategy: I've dealt with clinics in the U.S. and across the world...and have personally done 9 egg retrievals. So, to say I'm familiar with the process is an understatement!

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