Want proof that EFT can make a difference?

Here is what the British Society for Integrative Oncology had to say about EFT tapping and cancer treatment:

EFT is simple to learn and complements both the medical and the alternative models of healthcare.

EFT Tapping

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We can tap to...

  • Eliminate stress and overwhelm

  • Overcome that “stuck” feeling for good
  • Break the controlling, destructive patterns

  • Or anything else you want to emotionally regulate!

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About Vanessa Emily

Hi! I'm Vanessa Emily, a passionate advocate for women's emotional well-being during the fertility preservation process. My personal journey of navigating fertility clinics, starting later in life, and even traveling abroad for affordable fertility care has shaped my mission to support women on their egg freezing journeys.

After years of personal experience and dedicated study, I have become certified in various healing modalities, including neurolinguistic programming, rapid resolution therapies, emotional freedom techniques, and breath work. These powerful tools have empowered me to help women move through the egg-freezing process with greater ease, addressing and alleviating the emotional stressors that often accompany it.

I believe that every woman deserves compassionate guidance and support during this transformative phase of life. Through my expertise and holistic approach, I strive to provide personalized assistance to women, helping them navigate the challenges, make informed decisions, and create a more positive and empowering experience.

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