The First Egg Freezing Support Coach Who Believes

You Shouldn’t Be Forced

to Choose Between

Freespirit & Fertility

Hey, cold brew foam-loving, mountain-scaling, risk-taking women!

Get Clear So That You Can Plan

Your Egg Freezing Journey

Without The Anxiety And The Overthinking

Does this sound like you?

You’re considering egg freezing, and you’re a bit of a perfectionist

but, you’re tired of hunting and pecking for answers strewn all over the internet.

You might have received unexpected test results and wondering...

How much does it cost? Will you need multiple retrievals?

What if you meet your future life partner next week?!

All your research has left you with MORE questions like...

  • How will I know when I’ve found the right providers, team & facilities?
  • What can I expect from fluctuating hormones/estrogen or mood swings?
  • How can I advocate for myself to develop a well-balanced relationship with my doctor?

  • You’re wondering if egg-freezing abroad is an option – is it safe?
  • How will this impact my body – will there be weight changes?
  • Where can I turn for guidance or support?

The endless options are overwhelming...

Everyone’s body and journey is different

My unique fertility preservation story gives me a deep appreciation for others

I hold space for your individual experience


I’m like a big sister who has already

paddled this bend of the river!

By drawing on my own unique experience...You’ll gain immeasurable support as we forge a path to your future & navigate questions around fertility preservation & egg freezing

You’ll gain confidence in:

D E C I S I O N - M A K I N G

you’ll take charge & blow

FOMO out of the water


you’ll be able to date

more intentionally


you'll have strength in knowing

you have a plan in place

& You'll look toward your future


By defying society’s expectations of

Where, How & IF you should become a mom

Maybe you


the basics of

the process...

You’ve taken the classes,

joined the sessions

& attended the self-healing workshops,

You’ve gone on the retreats and spent the money

You’ve Done The Work...

To strengthen

your intuition,

... But Uncovering Even More Questions.

And trusting your gut just isn’t cutting it.

You aren’t sure when or how to ask for help.

But what happens if you don’t?

Will you keep overthinking, overanalyzing and staying lost in self-doubt & perfectionism?

Making emotionally-charged decisions that make you question yourself and keep you looking for external confirmation that you’re doing the right thing.

Or maybe you are deadset on reaching that goal... which leads to you abandoning all other aspects

of your life and avoiding social situations –

especially ones that involve your friends with children.

This black-and-white thinking isn’t getting you anywhere.

There are other options...

You just haven’t

discovered them.

In a recent session, a client came to me after a negative experience

with a clinic. She had just received the news of a low ovarian reserve.

Through creative coaching & guided techniques, she was able to think outside of her challenges.

See what’s possible for you in your journey!

After Just One EFT Session

In just one sitting, Vanessa helped me ease the pain in my neck from stress and calmed down my whole system.

- Siw Catherine Christiansen , Author

Here's my 4-part system...

No. 1

Life Styling | Where the heck am I?!

Think of this like a fitting room where you can try on different versions of yourself & decide what looks good on you

  • Do you even WANT to become a mom?
  • Does egg-freezing make sense for you now – or EVER?
  • How will different choices affect my finances,
  • relationships & bucket-list goals – now and in the future?

No. 3

Ghosts of the past | Where do these thoughts even come from?!

  • What old programming from your family, community, culture, religion, or coworkers are you taking on that isn't serving you in your life?
  • Are you caught in a rut of old patterns and self-limiting beliefs?
  • Why does this process seem more difficult than the simple medical procedure it's made out to be?

No. 2

Future Pacing | How do I know where I’ll be 15 years from now?!

Think of this like a fitting room where you can try on different versions of yourself & decide what looks good on you

  • Do you even WANT to become a mom?
  • Does egg-freezing make sense for you now – or EVER?
  • How will different choices affect my finances,
  • relationships & bucket-list goals – now and in the future?

No. 4

Your Itinerary | Where to next?!

  • While there are no guarantees in life, egg freezing does offer a backstop to one's fertility window
  • You will see how gaining clarity in such a d ecision will change you moving forward as you apply techniques and tools in other areas of you life too
  • Freezing your eggs will give you so much insight into your dating life and into partners who are understanding about the process and would celebrate you for having frozen your eggs already
  • You will recognize how you have been operating by old programming and cherry-pick new thoughts, beliefs, and identities to serve you in navigating clinics, making decisions about egg freezing, and elsewhere in life!

: Ways to work with me :

Travel Package

(Waitlist) 1:1 Mentorship;

specific dates + destinations

9 Week Coaching Intensive

Ready to learn the skills, tips, and tactics to thrive as you move forward in your plan to freeze your eggs that you can also apply elsewhere? ReimagineYOU 90-Day Program is for you.

1:1 55-Minute EFT Sessions

(Individual) EFT &

Ask-Me-Anything Sessions

Want 1:1 Support to Help You With Your Egg-Freezing Journey?

I was tired of being torn between

My Freedom & My Fertility Timeline,

So I Found a Way To Choose Both!

Hey! I'm Vanessa Emily!

Vanessa Emily is a unique coaching and membership

program for freedom-led women just like you (and me).

As a US-based micro business owner, the staggeringly high cost of egg freezing prohibited me from being able to freeze my eggs in the U.S. I chose to travel abroad to explore my egg freezing options.

You deserve the opportunity to choose, or not choose, your fertility preservation experience.

I’ll help you get clear on what YOU want so you can make empowered decisions, like egg freezing.

Make a decision,

it’s already

in your heart.

- A M Y P O R T E R F I E L D

Hear from clients:

After Just One EFT Session

Before I started tapping, I was really upset and couldn't stop thinking about what was happening! After the tapping session with you, I stopped thinking about it and I finally got a full night's sleep!!

- P. Hano

Need some help?

This beyond-clinic Egg Fertilization Blueprint will guide you through a holistic approach to fertility preservation.