Hi! I’m Vanessa Emily– An Egg Freezing Support Coach

I Help Women Navigate The Egg Freezing Journey So They Feel More Empowered And Less Anxious

Every Step Of The Way

Hey, are you thinking about freezing your eggs or have you already started?

I know from experience how overwhelming this journey can be. It can leave you feeling lonely, anxious and full of uncertainty. But you don’t need to navigate it on your own – I'm here to help.

Does this sound like you?

You’re considering egg freezing, and you’re 97.6% unsure and youre 100% sure that

you’re already tired of hunting and pecking for answers strewn all over the internet.

All your research has left you with MORE questions like...

  • How will I know when I’ve found the right providers, team & facilities?
  • How do I handle the fluctuating hormones aka the mood swings?
  • How do I feel heard? What if I don't trust the doctor or staff any more?

  • Will I be able to do with a fear of needles?
  • How will this impact me mentally what could happen to my body such as weight changes?
  • Will I need support?

And other questions!

Hey I get it. This can be a huge decision and it's not that clinics don't care. It's just that...

Clinics are busy.

(and often full of couples)

I get it. I have

paddled this bend of the river!

Clinics may get that this brings up a lot for you, but your clinic may not necessarily get how much this bringing up for you.

I can help with

Getting Clarity

Sometimes it takes unbiased and free-from-personal-agenda support!


We focus on what a personalized plan and success will do for you

How lonely this all can feel

It' a marathon not a sprint and support feels wonderful at all parts of the race

Think of this as

your support source depot

For the life that you envision

Since you are about to defy society at-large's expectations of

Where, How & IF you should become a mom

Overthink? You? Never...

No one can say that you have not done the work!

You've considered, ruminated, and let marinade areas of your life related to having children, relationships in order to have children...


... While Uncovering Even More Questions and learning more and more about the process has lead you to learn a great deal...

more knowledge actually HASN'T made the process any easier...

It has just made




(and added that much more to the overthink list)

I was tired of being torn between

My Vision & My Fertility Timeline,

So I Found a Way To Choose Both!

Hey! I'm Vanessa Emily!

Vanessa Emily is a unique coaching and membership

program for freedom-led women just like you (and me).

As a micro business owner, the staggeringly high cost of egg freezing prohibited me from being able to freeze my eggs in the U.S. I chose to travel abroad to explore my egg freezing options.

You deserve the opportunity to choose, or not choose, your fertility preservation experience.

I’ll help you get clear on what YOU want so you can make empowered decisions, like egg freezing.

: Ways to work with me :

Travel Package

(Waitlist) 1:1 Mentorship;

specific dates + destinations

9 Week Coaching Intensive

Ready to learn the skills, tips, and tactics to thrive as you move forward in your plan to freeze your eggs that you can also apply elsewhere? ReimagineYOU 90-Day Program is for you.

1:1 55-Minute EFT Sessions

(Individual) EFT &

Ask-Me-Anything Sessions

I believe in both

lessons and blessings.

The meaningful ones are the same.

- Vanessa Emily

Hear from other women:

After Just One EFT Session

Before I started tapping, I was really upset and couldn't stop thinking about what was happening! After the tapping session with you, I stopped thinking about it and I finally got a full night's sleep!!

- P. Hano

Need some help?

This beyond-clinic Egg Fertilization Blueprint will guide you through a holistic approach to fertility preservation.